About Francisco Javier Irizarry

Career highlights past and present

Francisco Javier Irizarry joined the South San Francisco office of Fluor in 2021 and holds several leadership positions in the company. He oversees operations as a general manager, and in addition to managing finances and resources at Fluor, he draws on three decades of construction industry experience currently performing the role of project director for various projects. As a project director, Francisco Javier Irizarry has developed streamlined construction principles that yield high project completion rates, in the face of global supply chain disruptions challenges.

Beyond his work as a general manager and project director at Fluor, he is the west coast regional operations manager for Fluor.

Francisco J. Irizarry holds a bachelor of arts in electrical engineering from Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico. In his free time, he enjoys staying physically active by playing golf as well as open dialogues and dissertations about astrophysics. Francisco had expressed interest in producing white papers in concepts like what is gravity and space time propulsion.